The Golfing Machine

by Homer Kelley (1982)

My notes from reading the book:

A precision Golf Stroke includes three Basic Essentials and three Basic Imperatives:


  1. A stationary head
  2. Balance
  3. Rhythm


  1. A "Flat" left wrist
  2. A clubhead lag pressure point
  3. A straight plane line

When setting up, verify six alignments:

  1. Clubface-to-Target Line
  2. Grip-to-Clubface
  3. Hands-to-Ball
  4. Plane Angle
  5. Right Forearm Position

To obtain Thrust, the swing has four pressure points:

  1. The heel of the right hand where it touches either the left hand thumb or the clubshaft
  2. The last three fingers of the left hand
  3. The first joint of the Right Hand index finger where it touches the clubshaft
  4. Wherever the straight left arm contacts the left side

Clubhead Lag is the "Secret of Golf." It is simple, elusive, indispensable, without substitute or compensation and always present.

The twelve sections of the swing

  1. Start up: from initial takeaway into it's backstroke path
  2. Backstroke: backstroke to the Top
  3. The Top: from back-stroke end to a deliberate aiming of the Lag Pressure point
  4. Start down: initial move towards impact until the period of Shoulder Acceleration
  5. Downstroke: This section covers the interval between completion of the start down, with the Stroke settled into its Delivery Line course, until "release point." This is the period of Hand Acceleration
  6. Release: This section starts at the point of Release "trigger" and continues until Impact --- the period of clubhead acceleration
  7. Impact: the interval between Impact and Separation--- the period of Ball Acceleration
  8. Follow-through: from separation and the both arms straight position as determined by the shoulder position at Impact
  9. Finish: From both arms straight and continues to the end of the stroke
The Golfing Machine
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