How to Start a Successful Nonprofit

My notes from

How to Start a Successful Nonprofit: A Step-by-Step-Guide to Getting Your Nonprofit Started Right by Niaja Farve, PH.D.

Defining a mission statement

The mission statement should achieve three goals:

It should tell readers:

  1. What you do
  2. Who you do it for
  3. How you do it


Who else does what you want to do.

You are not scoping out your competition, you are trying to determine if:

  1. Your idea warrants setting up a new organization, or if you are better off partnering
  2. How you can differentiate yourself from others to potential donors

Find organizations with a similar mission to you

  1. Find at least 20 companies to look into, record their:
    2. Name
    3. Website
    4. Target demographic
    5. How they achieve their mission
    6. What stands out on their website

Make a list of 5 features that will make your non-profit stand out

How to Start a Successful Nonprofit
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