Ingridients and Supplies

  1. 3M - Bondo Fiberglass Resin with Hardener (~$25 per quart) - auto parts store
  2. Two large flat pieces of material to use as a press
  3. Carpenter's clamps
  4. Respirator
  5. Latex Gloves
  6. Newspaper (to cover workbench or floor area to catch spills)
  7. Wax paper to seperate micarta from press material
  8. Spreading spatula to evenly spread fiberglass resin over material
  9. Bucket to mix resin with hardener
  10. Paper towels to clean spills and other messes
  11. Blue tape to secure wax paper to press
  12. Staple gun to secure micarta to itself to prevent slippage
  13. Micrometer

Steps of the process

  • I will write these after I have completed it a few times to add some personal observations to "my" process

Tips and Advice

  1. Extremely Messy and Stinky
  2. Make this in a well ventilated space
  3. Perhaps a garage with the doors opened partially with a fan running for ventilation