I am constantly learning new things and wanted a place to openly take notes locally on my laptop and have them automatically back up to the public Internet. After some research, I landed on my existing Google domain, Github Pages, and Jekyll.

Install Jekyll

In Terminal:
{% highlight bash linenos %}
pacman -S ruby
gem update
gem install jekyll
jekyll new your-site-name
{% endhighlight %}
The generated Jekyll directory will look like:
Insert image here

Run the site

  1. $ bundle exec jekyll serve --watch
  2. open http://localhost:4000 in an Internet browser
  3. any changes made to the site will trigger a re-build

Create Github Pages repository

  1. Login to
  2. Create a new repository with
  3. Click Clone or download
  4. Copy the Clone to HTTPS link to clipboard

Connect Local Jekyll site to Github

  1. Navigate to the previously created your-site-name directory
    In Terminal:
2 git init
3 git add --all
4 git commit -m "First commit"
5 git remote add origin
6 git checkout master
7 git log origin/master
8 git merge origin/master
9 git push -u origin master (enter your user name and password for Github)