Better D3 Charts with TDD

marcos igleseas, my notes from all things open


D3 Intro

  1. source - Developing a D3.js Edge
  2. D3 - data driven documents
  3. Low level, General Purpose Visualization Library

D3 Niceties

  1. Styling of elements with CSS

  2. Transitions and animations baked in

  3. Total control over our graphs ~

  4. Great community

  5. Loads data

  6. Binds data to elements

  7. Transforms those elements

  8. Transition those elements

Status of D3 v4

  1. More modular
  2. API improvements
  3. Breaking changes
  4. Highly adopted


  1. block builder
  2. Towards Reusable Charts by Mike Bostock
  3. Thinking with Joins
  4. General Update Pattern

Reusable Chart API

  1. A way of creating D3 charts
Better D3 Charts with TDD
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