Theme - Software disrupts business
Customers desire on-demand enterprise web + mobile apps

IT must evolve to stay ahead of demands

  1. Development Process - DevOps
  2. Application Architecture - Microservices
  3. Deployment + Packaging - Containers
  4. Application Infrastructure - Cloud
    OpenShift is how to leverage the four aforementioned

The value of OpenShift

  1. Expedite innovation to market
  2. Accelerate application development
  3. Increase operational effeciency
  4. Enable DevOps
    OpenShift is downstream of OpenShift Origin
    Read more at: - for good case studies on usage

OpenShift benefits for developers

  1. Access a broad selection of application components
  2. Deploy application environments on-demand
  3. Leverage your choice of interface + integrate with existing tools
  4. Automate applicaiton deployments, builds and source-to-image
  5. Enable collaboration across users, teams + projects

OpenShift benefits for operations

  1. Deploy a secure, enterprise-grade container-based application platform
  2. Enable application developers while improving operational efficiency + infrastructure utilization
  3. Utilize advanced scheduling and automated placement with regions and zones for HA
  4. Leverage powerful declarative management for application services
  5. Manage user + team access and integrate with enterprise authentication systems

OpenShift Commons

Why OpenShift

  1. Accelerate application delivery + DevOps
  2. Customer Momentum
  3. Open Source innovation leaders
  4. Enterprise ready